Dont like my blog style! Help!

Just never happy with my web design, I try not to keep on changing my blogs design but I just cannot help myself as I am just never happy with it… I can sometimes spend the whole day changing the design of my site and at the end of the day after hours of work still not happy with it and think “Nah! liked it before…!”. I think the problem is WordPress and lack of selection too there are lots of free WordPress themes out there (but be careful mind you dont go downloading any old theme otherwise your site can get hacked same goes with plugins too one of my friends sites got hacked and started selling ugg boots and pills which isnt good!) and all these designs are all in the same old wordpress style….. at the moment I am not happy with my blog style and thinking of changing it…… any one got any suggestions… I guess I might make my own just so I get it right and how I like it but that will probably take a long time and knowing me id probably hate it afterward anyway!

Help what can I do?!


  1. says:

    March 17, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    I feel the exact same way! I just gave up for a while but I’ve been working on something that I think I’ll be happier with. So making your own design is definitely better than finding what is available imo. Hopefully you can be happy with your theme soon! (ps. haven’t been here in a while, your blog does look different! haha)

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