Want to be taller? I know just the answer shoe lifts!

I know I keep ranting on about shoe lifts on my blog but honestly I dont think that I have ever bought something for under £10 that has been as good as these! No doubt you will have your doubt of course as to whether they actually work but let me assure you that shoe lifts blooming well do work wonders! Some scammers on the internet will have you believe if you buy an ebook all your height worries will go away as they tell you the secrete methods to gaining height but in truth these are just scams… their are no medical secretes that these online marketers know that doctors dont! A doctor will tell you that to increase your height there are 3 possible options option one really though is basically eat healthy and exercise to ensure you dont stunt your growth and only really works whilst you are in your teenagers to ensure that you dont stunt your growth and not grow to you full potential…(Maybe having a bad diet and not exercising enough when I was younger was to blame for my lack of height I think) option two is height surgery with is reserved for very small people and no really a option for many as it has lots of risks and finally option three where shoe lifts come in. A more comfortable, easier and faster way to gain height what isn’t there not to like hey?

I have been wearing shoe lifts for a couple weeks now and I have not had any problems with them.When I first told my friends that I was thinking of buying some of these insoles I was laughed at but when they realized they wouldn’t have been able to tell if I hadn’t told them and the pure genius of the idea they soon came round! Honestly If you are wanting to look taller this is the best way I have found by far!


    • admin says:

      January 28, 2014 at 9:35 am

      Yeah there is a place called nuovahealth which has all kinds of different ones to choose from…..I picked the heel lifts ones with stacks you can add more height with. :)

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